Run Pre-Vista Programs In Compatibility Mode.

Use Vista’s Compatibility Mode to run apps that aren’t quite Vista ready. Here’s how:

1.  Right click the executable and click the Properties option.

2.  Select the Compatibility tab.

3.  Select the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option.

4.  From the drop-down list, choose the operating system you ran before upgrading to Vista.

5.  If necessary, select the option to run the program as an Administrator.

6. Click OK.

I haven’t run into any must-have apps that aren’t working in Vista, so I can’t vouch for this, but it is supposed to be how it works.

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One Response to “Run Pre-Vista Programs In Compatibility Mode.”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Gary, I’m wondering if “run as administrator” in Vista is the same as that option in XP, meaning that it will only work with an administrator account that has been set up with a password. XP doesn’t accept a blank password for that purpose. Does Vista have the same requirement or will it let a program “run as administrator” without one?