Changing the Action Center Alerts in Windows 7.

Normally the Action Center will show message alerts for things like Windows Update, Internet Security Settings, Network Firewall, User Account Control and Virus Protection.

If you want to turn these alerts off:

1. Start / Control Panel
2. Go to Action Center / Change Action Center settings
3. From here you can uncheck any item that you no longer want message alerts for.

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One Response to “Changing the Action Center Alerts in Windows 7.”

  1. Lorraine says:

    It would be nice if the Action Center tray icon would show what I need it to show: that important updates are waiting. As I suspected from past behavior, I moused over the Action Center on the most recent Patch Tuesday and it said “no current issues detected”. When I opened the Action Center, however, and clicked on Windows Update it showed that there were x number of important updates waiting for me to download and install. The action center is set to “show me detailed notifications when new Microsoft software is available” but that doesn’t happen. That said, I just keep in mind to check the Action Center periodically.