Map a Drive to an FTP site in Vista.

If you access an FTP site often, you may want to save time by ‘mapping a drive’ to it. I suggest that by using the ‘Map network drive’ function you can add a shortcut to your Computer window. Note that it does not assign a drive letter, it simply creates a shortcut with a name you choose.

1. Click on the Start menu and choose Computer

2. Click on Map network drive towards the top of the Computer window

3. Click Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures.

4. This will take you to the Add Network Location Wizard. Click the Next button.

5. Pick Choose a custom network location and click Next

6. Enter the path to your server (note the examples of how the paths should be entered) and click Next.

7. Uncheck Log on Anonymously and enter your user name for the site, then click Next.

8. Type in the name you’d like to give this site (this is the name that you will see in your Computer window) and click Next.

9. The wizard’s work is done. Click Finish and a window will open showing the site. You will be prompted for a password unless you’ve previously used Explorer to ftp to the site and the password was cached.

10. You can now work with your files just like you would in the Explorer.

11. You’ll see a link to the site in your Computer window. Now you’ve got easy access to your files on the remote server!

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