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Transfer Data From a Hard Drive on a Dead Computer!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

A dead computer is not exactly a technical diagnosis, but in general people refer to a computer as being dead when it won’t start at all. This is usually because of a dead power supply, motherboard or something similar. In most situations, you can recover the information from the dead computer’s hard drive and transfer the information to another computer. The only time you can’t transfer the data is when the hard drive is dead or corrupted.

1. Open the case on the dead computer. The case can usually be opened by unscrewing the access door from the back of the case. Sometimes one or two buttons or a sliding bar must be pushed to open the case.

2. Disconnect the power and data cable from the back of the hard drive. Pay close attention to how the cables are connected. Unscrew the hard drive from the case. You may have to remove the access door on the other side of the case to completely unscrew the hard drive.

3. Open the case on a second computer that has the same type of hard drive connections. Find another hard drive cable connection on the motherboard. You may have to refer to the user manual to locate it. Connect a hard drive cable from the motherboard to the hard drive. Connect a power cable from the motherboard to the hard drive. Sit the hard drive somewhere where will not fall or interfere with any fans.

4. Start the computer. Windows will find the second drive and give it a letter. Click on the files you want and copy and paste them onto the computer’s main hard drive.

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