Access 2000 Tutorial Created By Internet Fixes!

Getting Started
  • A few terms
  • Getting started
  • Blank Access database
  • Access database wizards, pages, and projects
  • Open an existing database
  • Converting to Access 2000

Screen Layouts

  • Database window
  • Design view
  • Datasheet view

Creating Tables

  • Introduction to tables
  • Create a table in design view
  • Field properties
  • Primary key
  • Indexes
  • Field validation rules

Datasheet Records

  • Adding records
  • Editing records
  • Deleting records
  • Adding and deleting columns
  • Resizing rows and columns
  • Freezing columns
  • Hiding columns
  • Finding data in a table
  • Replace
  • Check spelling and AutoCorrect
  • Print a datasheet

Table Relationships

  • Declaring table relationships

Sorting and Filtering

  • Sorting
  • Filter by selection
  • Filter by form
  • Saving a filter
  • Remove a filter
  • Introduction to queries
  • Create a query in design view
  • Query wizard
  • Find duplicates query
  • Delete a query


  • Create a form using the wizard
  • Create a form in Design View
  • Adding records using a form
  • Editing forms

Form Controls

  • List and combo boxes
  • Check boxes and option buttons
  • Command buttons


  • What is a subform?
  • Create a form and subform at once
  • Subform wizard
  • Drag-and-drop method

More Forms

  • Multiple-page forms using tabs
  • Conditional formatting
  • Password text fields
  • Change control type
  • Multiple primary keys


  • Using the wizard
  • Create in Design View
  • Printing reports

Importing, Exporting, Linking

  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • Linking

Keyboard Shortcuts




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