Excel 2000 Tutorial Created By Internet Fixes!

Spreadsheet Basics
  • Screen elements
  • Adding and renaming worksheets
  • The standard toolbar - opening, closing, saving, and more.

Customizing Excel

  • Menus
  • Customize toolbars
  • Recording a macro
  • Running a macro

Modifying A Worksheet

  • Moving through cells
  • Adding worksheets, rows, and columns
  • Resizing rows and columns
  • Selecting cells
  • Moving and copying cells
  • Freeze panes

Formatting Cells

  • Formatting toolbar
  • Format Cells dialog box
  • Dates and times
  • Styles
  • Style dialog box
  • Create a new style
  • Format Painter
  • AutoFormat

Formulas and Functions

  • Formulas
  • Linking worksheets
  • Relative, absolute, and mixed referencing
  • Basic functions
  • Function Wizard
  • Autosum
  Sorting and Filling
  • Basic ascending and descending sorts
  • Complex sorts
  • Autofill
  • Alternating text and numbers with Autofill
  • Autofilling functions


  • Adding clip art
  • Add an image from a file
  • Editing a graphic
  • AutoShapes


  • Chart Wizard
  • Resizing a chart
  • Moving a chart
  • Chart formatting toolbar
  • Copy a chart to Microsoft Word

Page Properties and Printing

  • Page breaks
  • Page orientation
  • Margins
  • Headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Print Preview
  • Print

Keyboard Shortcuts


Coming Soon!

Some Extra Excel 2000 Formulas!



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