Internet Explorer 7.0 Run For The First Time!

Figure 1

You have rebooted your computer and Clicked on the New Explorer 7.0 Icon that you should have.  If you are using Zone Alarm Pro Figure 1 is the first screen you will see.  Zone Alarm is just telling you that you have a program that has changed and that you need to give the new version permission.  Put a Check in Remember this answer and Click on the Yes Button to open IE 7 for the First Time.

Figure 2

Figure 2 shows you the Run Once screen that IE 7 opens up with.  You get to select your default search provider in the top portion of the window.  If you don't like Google there are others that you can choose from.  Scroll on down the page.

Figure 3

You don't have to Turn On the Phishing Filter shown in Figure 3.  You will have a chance to do it later for all web sites or on a site by site basis!

Figure 4

Near the top of the screen in Figure 4 you have an option to Turn on The ClearType Tuner.  If you have never used this before you may want to give it a try.  It makes you Web Content appear allot bolder and cleaner.  For a person like myself with eye problems this helps.  Give it a try.  If you don't like it you can always turn it off.


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Figure 5

You can read the contents of Figure 5 and come to your on conclusion on whether you want to join in on Microsoft's Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Figure 6

Your can select to Save Settings in the left hand side of Figure 6 shown above or at the bottom of the window shown in Figure 7 shown below.

Figure 7

When you are done making your setup choices just Click on Save Settings to move on.

Figure 8

OK if all goes as it is supposed to you should be able to Click On Go To Your Home Page As shown in Figure 8.  You should be taken right to the home page you had setup in you prior browser.  All of your favorites should be there also.

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