Internet Explorer 7.0 Installation Steps!

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Figure 1

When you go to Microsoft's Web Site to download IE 7.0 just save it to your desktop as I have shown in Figure 1.  If you are still using a 56 K Dialup Connection you may want to have a friend who has a broadband connection download the file and put it on a CD for you.  It is close to a 15 Megabyte File.

Figure 2

After you have the file downloaded just double click on the Icon to start Extracting Files as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 3

As the warning in Figure 3 shows.  You should shut down all programs you may have running and backup any important data before proceeding.


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Figure 4

After you have read the Terms just Click on I Accept in Figure 4 to move on.

Figure 5

Now as with all of Microsoft's software you must Verify that the copy of Windows you are using is Genuine.  Just click on the Validate Button in Figure 5.

Figure 6

Figure 6 just shows you the program Validating your copy of Windows.

Figure 7

In Figure 7 you get to do something more than Click A Button.  Make a choice on whether you want to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.  I Recommend Installing it.  Once you have made your choice Click on the Next Button.

Figure 8

OK as shown in Figure 8 the installation program in starting to download Internet Explorer 7.0 updates.  If you have something to do such as mowing your lawn for the last time this year I suggest doing that now because the next few steps get boring.

Figure 9

Figure 9 shows the program still downloading.  Still boring!

Figure 10

Figure 10 shows the installation program installing some of the Internet Explorer 7.0 updates.

Figure 11

Figure 11 shows you the Installation Program running the Malicious Software Removal Tool Program.  I will add here that on the PC that I installed IE 7.0 I use allot of Open Source Software and have multiple installations of Office set up.  From what I have seen this tool did not bother any of the software that I am using.

Figure 12

Not done downloading yet!  Figure 12 shows the installation program downloading more required updates for IE 7.0.  I showed you the last five screens just so that you can seen that there are changes occurring and your computer did not hang up. This portion of the upgrade seems like it takes forever when all of a sudden you will see Figure 13.

Figure 13

I suggest Clicking on Restart Now when you get to this screen.  For some reason that I have yet to find I selected Restart Later because I was capturing screen shots and when I did Restart the computer I lost the installation.  Still have no reason as to why this happened.  I reinstalled and Clicked on Restart Now in Figure 13 and all was well.  When I find out what happened I will post it on my Forum.

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