Upgrading Windows XP to Windows Vista

Windows Vista Welcome Screen

After placing the upgrade DVD in your drive, you are presented the Welcome Screen.

Please Check Compatibility online to make sure you qualify for an upgrade. 

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

I encourage you to run the upgrade advisor prior to starting your upgrade. It will tell you what is and isn't compatible.

Compatibility Report.

I tried to upgrade my laptop on battery power. The report told me to plug my laptop in the wall.

Starting Windows Easy Transfer.

You have the ability to transfer your files and settings from another computer if you choose.

Get important updates for installation.

On this window, you can go online to grab any updates you might need for a clean upgrade. If you do not have Internet access, you can still proceed.

Please Wait is the understatement of the year.

Grab a cup of coffee!!

Searching for installation updates.

Have another cup.

Type in your product key for activation.

I know!  You wished that I had left my CD key included before taking the screen shot.

Please read the license terms

You know the drill.

Which type of installation do you want?

You can choose to do a new install or upgrade. (I recommend a New Install) If you are upgrading and you find that the option is disabled, then you need more disk space.

Checking Compatibility

The upgrade looks at the state of your current upgrade and makes sure you meet requirements.

Compatibility Report

This reports shows you any potential issues that may impede your upgrade.

Upgrading Windows

You can probably check email and make some phone calls and balance your checkbook.

Did I mention to grab another cup of java?

Windows needs to restart to continue

Vista will automatically restart during the upgrade process.

Help protect Windows automatically

This screen allows your installation to be up-to-date from the beginning.  The only thing I don't like about this is that I usually recommend to customers that they not connect to the Internet until the installation is complete and they have some kind of Virus Software installed and running.

Review your time and date settings

On this screen, you simply choose the correct time zone for your particular installation of Windows Vista.

Nice graphic but really not needed.

Control Panel & Welcome Center.

You have successfully upgraded Windows XP to Windows Vista.


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