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bullet 3Com Corp.
bullet 3Dfx Interactive
bullet The 3DO Company
bullet 3D Realms (Apogee)
bullet 3M Data Storage
bullet Access Software Inc.
bullet Accolade Inc.
bullet Acclaim Entertainment
bullet Acer America
bullet Activision
bullet Adobe Systems
bullet ADS Technologies
bullet Advanced Gravis
bullet Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
bullet AdvanSys (Advanced System Products Inc)
bullet Alliance Semiconductor Corp.
bullet Alps Electric Inc.
bullet Altec Lansing (a unit of EVI Audio)
bullet America Online, Inc. (AOL)
bullet American Megatrends Inc (AMI)
bullet AOC International
bullet Apogee Software Ltd.
bullet Apple Computer
bullet Artisoft, Inc.
bullet Aserton Group, Inc. (AGI)
bullet Aspen Technologies (now Luxxell Research)
bullet AST Computer
bullet Asus USA
bullet ATI Technologies
bullet Atomic Games Inc.
bullet ATronics International
bullet Austin (IPC Technologies)
bullet Avance Logic (Realtek Computer Peripherals Division)
bullet Award Software Int'l.
bullet Aztech Labs Inc.
bullet Berkely Systems (Part of the Sierra Family)
bullet Best Data Products
bullet Bethesda Softworks
bullet Biostar USA
bullet Blizzard Entertainment (a division of Cendant Corp.)
bullet Boca Research
bullet Borland International (Now Inprise International)
bullet Bullfrog Productions (an Electronic Arts company)
bullet Brřderbund Software (a division of The Learning Company)
bullet Brooktree (a division of Rockwell Semiconductor)
bullet Brother International Corp.
bullet Canon Computer USA
bullet Canopus Corp
bullet Cardinal Technology
bullet CH Products
bullet Chips & Technologies (a division of Intel Corp.)
bullet Cirrus Logic
bullet Citizen America
bullet CMD Technology
bullet Compaq Computer
bullet Compton's Encyclopedia (a division of The Learning Company)
bullet Connectix
bulletConner Peripherals (Bought by Seagate)
bullet Corel Systems
bullet Creative Labs America
bullet Creative Labs International
bullet CTX International
bullet Cyrix Corp.
bullet D-Link
bullet Data Technology Corp. (DTC)
bullet Dell Computer Corp.
bullet Deltron Technology Inc.
bullet Diamond Flower Inc. (DFI)
bullet Diamond Multimedia
bullet Digital Equipment Corp (DEC)
bullet Domark
bullet EFA Corp.
bullet Eidos Interactive
bullet EIZO Technologies (formerly Nanao Technologies)
bullet Electronic Arts
bullet Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)
bullet Ensoniq Corp.
bullet EPoX Computer
bullet Epson America
bullet ESS Technologies
bullet Everex Systems, Inc.
bullet Exabyte
bullet First International Computer (FICA)
bullet FujitsuAmerica Inc.
bulletFuture Domain (bought out by Adaptec)
bullet G-VOX Entertainment
bullet GameTek
bullet Gateway 2000
bullet General Instrument
bullet Genicom Corp.
bullet Genius-KYE International
bullet Genoa Systems
bullet Goldstar (LG Electronics)
bullet Gravis (Advanced Gravis)
bullet Griffin Technology Video
bullet Grolier Interactive
bullet GT Interactive Software
bullet GVC Canada
bullet Harmony Multimedia USA
bullet Hasbro, Inc.
bullet Hauppauge Computer Works
bullet Hayes Microcomputer Products
bullet Hercules Computer Technology
bullet Hewlett-Packard Co.
bullet Hitachi Corp
bullet Hyundai Electronics America
bulletIBM Corporation
bullet id Software
bullet Inprise International (formerly Borland International)
bullet Intel Corp.
bullet Intergraph Corp.
bullet Interplay Productions
bullet Intuit Corp.
bullet Iomega Corp.
bullet IPC Technologies
bulletJaton Corp USA
bullet Jazz Multimedia
bullet Kali, Inc.
bullet KDS USA
bullet KevCo
bullet Keytronic Corp.
bullet Kingston Memory Tech
bullet Labtec Enterprises
bullet Learning Company
bullet Lexmark International
bullet LG Electronics
bullet Lite-On Technology Corp.
bullet Logitech, Inc.
bullet Lotus Development (A div. of IBM Corp.)
bullet LucasArts Entertainment Co.
bullet Luxxell Research
bullet Macromedia Inc.
bullet MAG InnoVision Co.
bullet Magnavox
bullet Matrox Graphics
bullet Matsushita Electric Corp.
bullet Maxis Software
bullet Maxtor Corp.
bullet McAfee Associates
bullet Media Vision
bullet Megahertz (3Com/US Robotics Mobile Communications)
bullet Micro Firmware Inc.
bullet Microcom Systems
bullet Microid Research Inc. (MR)
bullet Micron Electronics
bullet Micronics Computers (a division of Diamond Multimedia)
bullet Microprose Software (a division of Hasbro)
bullet Microtek Lab
bullet Microsoft Corporation
bullet MicroVision Development
bullet MIDI Land Inc (MLi)
bullet Mindscape, Inc. (a division The Learning Company)
bullet Mirabilis Ltd. (a division of America Online)
bullet míroVideo (acquired by Pinnacle Systems)
bullet MiTAC
bullet Mitsubishi Electronics America
bullet Mitsumi Electronics
bullet MLi (MIDI Land, Inc.)
bullet Monolith
bullet Motorola Inc.
bullet Mustek Inc.
bullet Nanao Technologies (EIZO Technologies)
bullet NCR Corp (AT&T Globalyst)
bullet NEC Technologies (Packard Bell NEC)
bullet Netscape Communications (a division of America Online)
bullet Newcom Inc.
bullet New Media Corporation
bullet New World Computing (div. of The 3DO Company)
bullet Next Level Systems, Inc (former div. of General Instrument)
bullet Nintendo of America
bullet Nokia Display Products, Inc.
bullet Novell, Inc.
bullet Number 9 Visual Technologies
bullet Oak Technology
bullet Okidata America
bullet Olivetti Personal Computers USA
bullet OPTi Inc.
bullet Orchestra Multi Systems (a division of KDS USA)
bulletOrchid Technology (acquired by Diamond Multimedia)
bullet Origin Systems
bullet Packard Bell NEC
bullet Panasonic Computer Peripherals
bullet Papyrus Design Group (Part of the Sierra Family)
bullet Paradise (div. of Philips Semiconductor)
bullet Parsons Technology (a division The Learning Company)
bullet Passport Designs (acquired by G-VOX)
bullet PE Logic Corp. (PEL)
bullet Philips Electronics North America
bullet Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
bullet Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
bullet Plextor Corp.
bullet PMC-Sierra Inc. (formerly Sierra Semiconductor)
bullet Practical Peripherals Inc.
bullet Princeton Graphics (a division of MAG Innovision)
bullet Procom Technologies
bullet Promise Technology
bullet QLogic Corp.
bullet QMS, Inc.
bullet Quadrant International
bullet Quantum 3D Inc.
bullet Quantum Corporation
bullet Quarterdeck Office Systems
bullet Raven Software
bullet Realtek Semiconductor
bullet Red Orb Entertainment (a division of The Learning Company)
bullet Rendition Inc.
bullet Reveal Computer Products
bullet Rockwell Semiconductor
bullet Roland USA
bullet S3, Inc.
bullet Samsung Electronics America
bullet SciTech Software
bullet Seagate Technology
bullet SegaSoft Inc.
bullet SIC Resource Inc.
bullet Sierra On-Line (a division of Cendant Corp.)
bullet Sierra Semiconductor (now PMC-Sierra Inc)
bullet Sierra Studios (a division of Sierra On-Line)
bullet Software Creations BBS
bullet Sony Corp. of America
bullet Spectrum Holobyte (Renamed company to Microprose)
bullet Stac Electronics
bullet STB Systems
bullet Studio 3DO
bullet Sun Microsystems
bullet Supra (Diamond Communications Division)
bullet Symantec Corp.
bullet SyQuest Technology Inc.
bullet Teac America Inc.
bullet Telex Computer Audio Group
bullet Tektronix, Inc.
bullet Texas Instruments
bullet TMC (Taiwan Mycomp Corp.)
bullet Toshiba America
bullet Tseng Labs
bullet Tsunami Media
bullet Trident Microsystems
bullet Turtle Beach
bullet UbiSoft Entertainment
bullet UMAX Technologies
bullet Unicore Software (BIOS Upgrades)
bullet US Robotics (a.k.a. 3COM Client Access Division)
bullet Vertos (Elitegroup)
bullet VIA Technologies
bullet Viacom Newmedia
bullet Viewsonic Corp.
bullet VideoLogic Ltd.
bullet Virgin Interactive Entertainment
bullet Weitek Corp.
bullet Western Digital Corp.
bullet Westwood Studios (a division of Electronic Arts)
bullet WinBond
bullet WYSE Technology Inc.
bullet Xerox Corp.
bullet Xing Technology
bullet Xircom, Inc.
bullet Yamaha
bullet Zenith Data Systems (div. of Packard Bell NEC)
bullet Zoltrix USA
bullet Zoom Telephonics

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