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On Windows update is error code 6412. Won't download new sof

PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:24 am
by online_fixes
1. On Windows update is error code 6412. Won't download new software from disc
Hello Collin

This is a problem with no common fix. Unless you have a virus or bad malware problem the following should help.

Re-install latest windows installer..

Let me know if the steps above don't work for you and I will look into it a little more.


Comment of Lorraine:

Hi Collin:

If you need to post back again please give more specific details about what you were installing or updating. When you say that it won't download new software from a disc do you mean that it won't install the software from a disc? Which software (such as MS Office, antivirus, or another application)? Windows Update is something different that downloads but doesn't require a disc.

Comment of Lorraine:

Hi Collin:

You didn't say which version you have and whether it is the free download or a paid version but I looked around on Serif's forums. In June there seemed to be a problem with their server that affected some downloads and re-downloading corrected the problem. If your most current action doesn't work you might try posting to Serif's support forum.
Also, here is a link to their update and patches page.

Comment of colin sutton:
reply to Lorraine
Its a PagePLus from Serif
I am trying to reinstall windows installer first.

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