This question applies to xp as well as vista.

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This question applies to xp as well as vista.



This question applies to xp as well as vista.

Postby online_fixes » Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:30 am

This question applies to xp as well as vista.When removing many of the latest viruses, the internet connection is no longer available. My only cure at the present, is to format all partitions and reinstall the OS. In these instances, they will connect to a network (wired or wireless), and indicate on the icon in the tray that they have both network and internet connectivity. I've tried IE and firefox browsers - router and firewall settings. Other computers on this network have no trouble connecting to the internet thru this modem and router. I most definitely do not know everything (obviously) but I do have 20 years experience repairing pcs. Any answers or ideas would be greatly appreciated as i hate "solving" a problem by formatting a hard drive.Thankx,J.P.

Hello J.P.

Reset Windows XP TCP/IP

You can reset the Winsock And TCP/IP stacks in XP SP2 or 3 by doing this:

Start > Run: cmd and at the prompt enter each line:

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

You will need to reboot afterwards.

Let me know it this works for you by posting a comment below.

Did you mean that you have already re-installed the operating systems?

Gary Chambers


Comment of Lorraine:

Hi JP,

I support all of the computers in our small school and also help out friends at home. I have used the procedures that are described in this link very successfully.

I will say, however that doing a thorough cleanup will take up a LOT of time. Still, it is better than re-installing the OS. I may be misinterpreting your original question, but it sounds to me as if your corporate AV product and, perhaps, your firewall are not providing the protection that they should and that you may wish to consider a more robust product. When our school computers get hit by something our server-based AV almost always successfully quarantines the malware. I use the steps in the link above for a second scan just in case something has sneaked into System Restore or another registry location in an attempt to try to continually re-install itself. I hope that this helps.

Comment of J.P. Hayman:
Gary, Sorry if this is a double post.

I had reset the winsock/tcpip with the dos cmds and that didn't help. Before formatting (which did correct the problem) I did the OS repair from the second screen when installing from cd.
This however did not correct it. Thanks for your prompt reply and if you (or anyone else) comes up with a fix (other than formatting) I would appreciate the help.
Thanks Again
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This question applies to xp as well as vista.



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