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minimize inkjet clogs

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:42 am
by lorraine
If you're buying a new inkjet and plan to be frugal by not using it too much keep in mind that the nozzles can become blocked with dried-up ink if the printer sits idle for too long a period. This problem can vary depending on the printer manufacturer but most printers need a workout at least once a week to keep them happy. You can check your user guide or search online to see if there are forums that suggest the minimum use to try to prevent clogged nozzles.

When our school had a lot of inkjets--one for each teacher--I spent a LOT of time trying to unclog nozzles and our ink costs became very high for little actual printing. (I would get comments such as "I don't understand why it doesn't print well. I hardly use the printer.") When a printer's nozzle(s) gets clogged it can take many cleanings to unclog them--if you're lucky. This uses a lot of ink so it's a delicate balance when trying to figure out printer usage for ink conservation.

Ever since changing to network laser printers for most of the staff I have spent almost no time on printer service calls and when I do it's for the few teachers who still have inkjets.