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The Fonts That Are Installed In Windows NT

During a typical installation, Windows NT 4.0 installs the following TrueType fonts into the Windows\Fonts folder. Because Windows NT 4.0 or other applications may require one or more of these fonts in order to run and display dialog boxes correctly, It is recommended that you do not delete or remove these fonts from the Fonts folder. 

Windows NT 4.0 also installs several hidden font files (e.g., Marlett.ttf, Dosapp.fon, Vgafix.fon), which do not usually appear in Windows Explorer or in the Fonts Control Panel, but may appear in font management utilities. Windows requires these hidden font files in order to run. Do not delete or remove them from the Fonts folder.

Font				Filename
Arial				Arial.ttf
Arial Bold			Arialbd.ttf
Arial Bold Italic		Arialbi.ttf
Arial Italic			Ariali.ttf
Courier 10,12,15		Courf.fon
Courier New			Cour.ttf
Courier New Bold		Courbd.ttf
Courier New Bold Italic		Courbi.ttf
Courier New Italic		Couri.ttf
Lucida Console			Lucon.ttf
Modern				Modern.fon
MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24	Sseriff.fon
MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24	Seriff.fon
Roman				Roman.fon
Script				Script.fon
Small Fonts			Smallf.fon
Symbol				Symbol.ttf
Symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24		Symbolf.fon
Times New Roman			Times.ttf
Times New Roman Bold		Timesbd.ttf
Times New Roman Bold Italic	Timesbi.ttf
Times New Roman Italic		Timesi.ttf
WingDings			Wingding.ttf

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