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Common Windows and Office Tips For Help Desk Technicians!

  1. Microsoft Windows XP.

  2. Common Windows 98 Tips For Help Desk Technicians!!

  3. Common Windows 95 Tips For Help Desk Technicians!!

  4. Common Windows ME Tips For Help Desk Technicians!!

  5. More Window 95/98 Tips For Help Desk Technicians!!


  1. Learn how to setup Outlook Express 6.0 for the first time.  Just click here! 

  2. Learn how to setup Outlook 2002 for the first time. Just click here!

  3. Learn how to Export your Internet Explorer 6.0 Bookmarks by Clicking Here

  4. Learn how to Export a copy of your Outlook Express 6.0 Address Book by Clicking Here

  5. Learn how to setup the Microsoft Word 2000 Options to better serve you!!  Click Here!

  6. Learn how to use the XP Internet Connection Wizard! Just Click Here!

  7. Share Outlook 2000 Address Book with Outlook Express 5.x-6.0! Just Click Here! 

  8. Creating Rules in Outlook Express for Windows!  Just Click Here!

Advanced XP Administrators and Users 2nd Edition!  PDF File!

01/01/2009 Just Updated My Searchable Databases!  Over 700 Windows XP How-To Tips And Over 1000 Tips That I Use Daily On My Email Support Service!


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  Access My New PDF and Zip Archives Of Windows XP Home And Pro Tips.  I Have Also Added Some Office XP Tips In the Past Week and Will Be adding More! This Is Rapidly Becoming The Most Popular Part Of The Site!  I also have some new Internet Explorer Tips Uploaded!

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