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Today's Tips 07/01/2006

Using The F KEYS In Windows!

When you're working inside Windows, you can think of the F keys as nothing more than shortcuts to help you navigate around the operating system without using your mouse. That's part of the reason they're still found on keyboards.

The F keys also usually serve some purpose when applied to a specific program or piece of software. But don't think because an F key does something in one program that it will automatically do the same thing in another.
What do the F keys do? Lets Find Out.

F keys are most useful, but not always, when used in conjunction with Windows Explorer. Keep reading to find out all about F keys and how to use them. To demonstrate how some of the F keys work, you're going to need to open Windows Explorer.

To open Windows Explorer press the Start button, mouse over Programs (or All Programs if you're using XP), and select Windows Explorer. Or use this shortcut: Press the Windows button + E on your keyboard.
Once you've opened Windows Explorer, give some of these a try:

• If you want to get help while working in a selected program just press this key. If you press this key while working outside a program (like Windows Explorer or from the desktop) you'll launch a Windows-specific help program.
• If you want to get Windows-specific help while working in a program, just press the Windows button + F1.
• Press Shift + F1 to launch "What's This?" help.

• After navigating and highlighting a file or folder in Windows Explorer, just press this key to rename an item. It works just like right-clicking on a file or folder and selecting Rename. When you're finished renaming an object, just press Enter to move on.

• Press this key while working in Windows Explorer or on the desktop to generate the "Find Files" window. After searching for a file or folder, just close the Find Files window and go back to what you were doing.

• Press this key to open the Address bar in Internet Explorer.
• To close an open window press Alt + F4.

• Press this key to refresh your active window in Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer.

• Press this key to move the cursor around the structure of the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

• This key does nothing and shouldn't do anything in Windows when you press it. This key may have some function when working inside a program.

• Press this key to access Windows Startup Menu during boot up.
• Show or hide information about a selected place or Pushpin (if available).
• Accepts Microsoft's EULA when installing Windows.

• This key does nothing and shouldn't do anything in Windows when you press it. This key may have some function when working inside a program.

• Press this key to activate the menu bar in programs.
• Press Shift + F10 to bring up the shortcut menu. This works similar to the Application key.

• Press this key to open your current Internet Explorer window to "full screen," completely filling your monitor and making all of the toolbars disappear at the top. This is also known as kiosk mode.

• This key does nothing and shouldn't do anything in Windows when you press it. This key may have some function when working inside a program.

Gary Chambers


Quick-Launch Programs With F Keys

There are two ways to quicken the launch process of any program. You can program the function keys (the F keys at the top of your keyboard). You can also program a combination of Ctrl + Alt + "Shortcut Key" to launch applications.

To do this, follow these directions.
1. Find the icon of the program and right-click on the icon.

2. Choose Properties from the menu and make sure you're in the Shortcut tab.

3. Place your cursor in the Shortcut key field, pick a function key or a letter you would like to assign the shortcut to, and press it.

4. Hit Apply in the bottom-right corner.

5. To open the program, press Ctrl + Alt + "Shortcut Key" or the function key you assigned to it.

Gary Chambers

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