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Internet Fixes Weekly Edition!

Internet Fixes

Turn Off System Restore In Vista.

While System restore is a God send when problems strike, it can also have a downside. That downside is, quite simply, Disk Space. Every restore point takes up ever more valuable disk space, thus reducing available space required for other files/applications.

System restore is clever enough to realize that, once


Show Hidden Vista Files And Folders.

When you are using Windows Explorer not all available files and folders are visible in the directory list. The main reason for this is that many of the files and folders are required by the operating system and, if the file/folder names were visible, there is every possibility that they could be inadvertently deleted.

While it may be necessary, at times, to display these hidden files and folders it is advisable not to leave them permanently displayed.

To enable the Show Hidden Files and Folder option proceed as follows:

1. Open


Prevent System Restore Points Being Lost When Dual Booting Vista With Windows XP.

If you are running Windows XP and Windows Vista as a dual boot machine, you may have noticed that, after booting to Windows XP and then booting back to Windows Vista, the system restore points in Windows Vista disappear. This, apparently, is caused by Windows XP's shadow copying and, according to Microsoft, will not be fixed as it would require extensive alterations to the code of Windows XP in order to repair the problem.

While there is no real update fix for


Disable Automatic Restart to Read Vista Blue Screen Messages.

Sometimes an error occurs on your machine and you are immediately hit by a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). The only problem is the screen flashes by so quickly you rarely get to see what may have caused the error in the first place. To the layman the information on the screen may as well be in a foreign language but, in a number of cases, to a technician the all important 'scrambled numbers and letters' can mean the difference between locating your problem or complete disaster. By disabling the automatically restart on system failure feature, you are able to read what messages appear on the blue screen and can, if necessary, pass the information on to your technical support person.

1. Click


Backup The Vista Registry.

The Registry is the heart and soul of Windows; damage it and the chances are the Windows Operating system will stop working. It is for this reason that registry editing should only be undertaken by those who are familiar with the way it works, and are competent enough to make any necessary changes.

While it is possible to follow step by



Recover A Corrupted System File In Windows XP!
If an essential Windows file goes missing, gets whacked by a virus, or is otherwise corrupted, you can restore it from your Windows XP CD. Select Search from the Start menu and search the CD for the filename, replacing the last character with an underscore-for example




View Or Configure Security Settings In Outlook Express 6!
1. Click Start, point to All Programs or Programs, and then click Outlook Express.
2. On the Tools menu, click Options.
3. Click the Security




Separate Ongoing And Completed Work To Manage Your Files!
Separate ongoing and completed work. To keep the My Documents folder from becoming too unwieldy, use it only for files you're working on. This reduces the number of files you need




Using The Details View in Windows XP!
XP lets you select the columns of information you see in Details View. You are not restricted to the default columns. To add new columns, follow these steps.
1. Right-click the column header of the




Applying Your New Stationary and Signatures in Outlook Express!
(This is provided you have created Stationery in some of my previous tips!)
1. To apply your stationery, check the Mail box, click Select, choose your stationery from the list on the screen and click OK. If you check the Preview box you can view each option on the screen before you decide to use it.
2. Test your new stationery





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