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Internet Fixes Weekly Edition!

Internet Fixes

Add More Memory To Your Computer!

If the hard drive is the filing cabinet in which you store your documents, then memory, or RAM (random access memory), is the table you work on. The easiest way to get more space is to add extra leaves.

There comes a time when there's just not enough RAM. Everything is working fine, then you add photo-editing software, surf to a graphically intense Web site, install a game, and suddenly your computer can't keep up.

If the drive light is flickering like crazy, then it's probably time to install more memory. But before you unplug the cables, lug the machine to the car, drive to the computer store, wait to have RAM installed, and pay a minimum of $50 for the service, consider


Create And Control Shared Folders In Windows XP!

Creating file shares in Windows 2000 was easy: Right-click on the folder, click Properties, click the Sharing tab, and away you go. It worked right out of the box.

Not so with Windows XP, in which file sharing is more problematic because itís disabled by default. This is a more secure default configuration; users have to knowingly and actively enable file sharing for it to work.

As in previous versions of Windows, Windows XP lets you



Configuring a Dual Desktop Display in Windows Vista.


This gallery gives you an overview on how to configure a dual desktop display in Windows Vista. Learn more about this process by reading the related post in the Window on Windows blog.

You can easily connect a dual monitor configuration by using the Windows Mobility Center. Simply click



Create a clean environment with Microsoft Virtual PC.

Microsoft Virtual PC is available as a free download which can be used to create a clean system, which entails having a new system environment ready for either testing of applications or for general Web surfing or day to day activities. This is done to keep your main system clean of either junk from multiple installs or spyware and viruses.

This is the introductory screen of the new


Tweak Windows XP For Optimum Performance

When youíre troubleshooting performance problems with network-based applications running on Windows XP Professional, youíll want to begin with the settings found in the Performance Options dialog box. These settings, which are hidden deep within Windows XPís System Properties, provide a host of options that allow you to fine-tune the operating systemís overall performance and, thus, its interaction with various applications. These options allow you to adjust Windows XPís processor scheduling, memory usage, and virtual memory, as well as


Connect To An XP Machine Using Remote Desktop.


With Remote Desktop, you can connect to your Windows XP machine from anywhere on your Local Area Network (LAN). You can even set it up so that you can connect to the machine over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Prior to Windows XP, if you wanted this kind functionality, you had to do some special configuring



Keep Everything In Sync With Windows Vista's Sync Center!

If you have files stored on two computers or on a computer and mobile devices that you need to keep synchronized, then you know how frustrating it can be to have to use several different software packages with different user interfaces for each of your synchronization operations. Fortunately, Microsoft realizes that there is a much stronger emphasis on synchronization. They've endowed Windows Vista with a new tool called Sync Center which is designed to work as a centralized location for all of your synchronization operations.

A little sync


Tweaks Tricks And Hacks To Make Windows Vista Fly

Every operating system could stand some tweaking. No matter how many developers you throw at an OS as complicated as Windows Vista, power users will always find something they can modify or hack to make it run faster, or better, or just differently. Here are just a few of the Windows Vista tweaks, tricks, and hacks we have discovered so far.

1: Add the Run command to the Start Menu

Beginning way back with the release of Windows 1.0, Microsoft has been all about the GUI interface (more or less effectively). But sometimes you


Getting started with Speech Recognition

To enable built-in speech functionality, from the Start Menu choose All Programs | Accessories | Accessibility and click Speech Recognition.


Use Vista's Upgrade Version To Clean-install.

Here's a simplified overview of the steps that are required to clean-install the upgrade version of Vista:

Step 1. Boot the PC from the Vista DVD.

Step 2. Select "Install Now," but do not enter





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