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Automatically run a batch file when you open a Windows XP command prompt.


You probably run the same few commands each time you start using the command prompt in Windows XP. For example, perhaps you first switch to the root directory and then clear the screen. Then, you may have put these commands into a batch file and saved the file to the C:\Documents and Settings\{username} folder so that when you open the command prompt, you simply type the name of the batch file to issue the commands.


You can save




How to redirect shared folders in Windows XP?


The Shared Documents link shown in the My Computer window, is just a pointer to another folder. Its location, by default is set as %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents. If you want to redirect the Shared folders to a different drive or a network path, follow the steps in this article.


Note:  The




Still using Floppies?

It seems like just yesterday that floppy drives were the “cool” thing to use and now we’ve sort of gone past CDs as well. Of course, CDs are still a good way to save your information, but is there something even better? To some, a flash drive may seem like the better answer when it comes to saving your important files and folders and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

So, if you own a



Have you observed that F7, F9, F10 and F12 have no use in Windows.

You can assign some tasks to these keys. Just select which program you are regularly using.

1. Locate the shortcut of that program. If it



Create a shortcut to (map) a Network Drive with Vista.

When you create a shortcut to a shared folder or computer on a network (also called mapping a network drive), you can get to it from Computer or Windows Explorer without having to look for it or type its network address each time.

1. Open Computer by clicking



Remove A Second Installation Of XP From The same Partition


Having a second copy of Windows XP on the same partition is not particularly desirable, as it is possible that the second installation may conflict with the first. If it is imperative that you have two copies of XP on your PC (and be aware that you will require a separate license for each installed copy of XP on your PC) you should consider creating a dual boot system by installing the second copy of XP on a separate partition or hard drive.


If, however, you are



Share a drive or folder in Windows XP with other computers on a Windows network.


Drive sharing on the XP computer: My Computer, right-click C:, Sharing and Security, Sharing. It had drive C: shared as C$, the default share. This share is not visible to other computers on the network.


Clicked New Share and




Where did the Clipboard Viewer go in Windows XP?


To install the ClipBoard Viewer (now called the ClipBook Viewer) right-click Start, select Properties, select Classic Start Menu, Customize, Add, Browse, C: drive, expand the tree by clicking the plus signs to Windows, System32, select




You can get more out of Internet Explorer 7 Tabs when using Windows XP


Many Windows XP users have upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 in order to take advantage of the Tabs feature, which allows you to view multiple sites at the same time. Here are some shortcuts and tricks that you can use to get even more out of Internet Explorer 7’s tabs.


-While clicking the tabs to




I'm having a problem with Outlook Express.


It started when I downloaded my e-mail and there were a much higher number of e-mails than usual. It said I have 83 messages, but I only had 14. It rolled through the 83 e-mails really quick and gave me a bunch of error messages. I deleted all of them and the next time the same thing happened. It also downloaded the original messages. Also, while I'm downloading the messages, I use AVG virus scan that automatically scans each e-mail. It starts at zero and goes up to 100%. When it was scanning the messages, it went up to the thousands or even ten thousands before it would finish. Sounds like a virus, so I used AVG to scan for a virus. No luck. I cleaned the cookies and temp files. Help. Thanks.

A. It all depends on why you are getting so many emails.  There are dozens of potential causes





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