As noted in the past this is a windows 98 through windows XP Pro Support Site!  As in The Past The First Question not Related To Microsoft Office Is Free As Long as You Can Use My Form to Post It!

Please Excuse The Construction!

  1. Before sending for a Phone Connection Support session I need some information about your Computer!
    The most important thing I need from you is a detailed description of the Problem you are having with your Computer.  That is why I recommend you use the hardware, software inventory program that I describe below.  The program includes information that isn't normally included in an email requesting help. 

    If I see an answer to your problem in any email information or Reporting Software I will return the answer via Email.

    You can copy Number Two  Below into an email and fill out the questions and send it to me.  Or you can use the Adia32 Hardware and Software Inventory program that I have my Yearly Subscribers Use.  You can find a Download Link and instructions on using the program at my Ultra VNC and Adia How-to Section Of The Site!

  2. System Information Form (Click Here and Copy the following into the Email.  After you have the following in your Email Answer as many of the questions as you can!!  Don't tear you computer apart trying to get all this information. Just answer as much as you can!

    Computer manufacturer ("Custom Built", or brand name: Dell, HP, etc.) :
    Computer model (if brand name) :
    Operating system (Windows version) : 95__ 98__ 98SE__
    ME__ NT__ 2000__ XP Home__ XP Pro__ Other__
    (put an X beside the one that applies)
    Type of browser (Internet Explorer or similar) and version :
    Motherboard if known :
    CPU (processor) type and speed :
    Amount of memory installed (RAM) :
    Hard drive size:
    Hard drive free space :
    Sound card ("Onboard", or type of card) :
    Video adapter ("Onboard", or type of card) :
    Anti-virus program :
    Firewall program :
    Spyware / Adware check program :
    Outline your problem :

    Exact error message (if applicable) :
    What you were doing when the problem first appeared :
    Any new software or hardware installed recently :
    Any other information that you think might help :


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Access my new PDF and Zip archives of Windows XP Home And Pro Tips.  I Have Also Added Some Office XP Tips In the Past Week and Will Be adding More! This Is Rapidly Becoming The Most Popular Part Of The Site!  I also have some new Internet Explorer Tips Uploaded!

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