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Restore Your Outlook Express Mail!
If multiple people use this program, each user must log into Outlook Express and follow these instructions to restore their email.
1. Insert the disk containing your Outlook Express Backup folder into the appropriate drive.
2. Double-click on My Computer icon.
3. Double-click on the icon for your Zip disk or CD to view the contents of your back-up disk.
4. Double-click on the Outlook Express Backup folder.
5. Open Outlook Express.
6. Arrange the Outlook Express window and the Outlook Express Backup folder window, so you can see both at the same time.
7. Within the Outlook Express Backup folder, open the Inbox folder.
8. Go to the Edit Menu > Select All.
9. Drag the highlighted messages over the Inbox folder in Outlook Express. The Inbox folder will be in the upper left section titled Folders. When the Inbox folder darkens, release the mouse button. Now, the messages will begin copying over into that folder.
10. If you have other folders in your Outlook Express Backup folder, you will need to repeat these directions from Step 7 for each of the folders. You will not need to make folders for the following folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Drafts. However, you may need to create extra folders in Outlook Express that have the same name as the folders in your Outlook Express Backup folder.
To Create A New Folder In Outlook Express:
a. Open Outlook Express.
b. Go to File Menu > Folder > New.
c. For the location of the new folder, select Local Folders.
d. Type in a name in the Folder Name: field.
e. Click OK.
f. The folder will appear in the upper left section titled Folders.
11. Once you have finished restoring your mail, exit Outlook Express.
12. Close all windows.

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