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03/07/2007  Start Menu Program Files Running Off The Right Of The Screen?  See IF01054

03/07/2007  Added The New Internet Fixes Question Of The Week!

03/05/2007  Internet Fixes Q&A Section Has Another New Index Page!

03/04/2007  Hardware And Software Vendor Phone List, A-K  See IF01051

03/04/2007  Hardware And Software Vendor Phone List, L-P  See IF01052

03/04/2007  Hardware And Software Vendor Phone List, Q-Z  See IF01053

03/03/2007  Internet Fixes Q&A Section Has Two New Index Pages!

03/01/2007  Creating Rules in Outlook Express for Windows! 

03/01/2007  Share Your Outlook 2000 Address Book with Outlook Express 5.x-6.0!

03/01/2007  Learn how to use the XP Internet Connection Wizard!

03/01/2007  Learn how to setup the Microsoft Word 2000 Options to better serve you!!

03/01/2007  Learn how to Export a copy of your Outlook Express 6.0 Address Book.

03/01/2007  Learn how to Export your Internet Explorer 6.0 Bookmarks.

03/01/2007  Learn how to setup Outlook 2002 for the first time.

03/01/2007  Learn how to setup Outlook Express 6.0 for the first time. 

02/28/2007  Testing Your Computer For Vista Compatibility.  See IF00051 

02/28/2007  Recommended Steps Before Installing Vista.  See IF00052 




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Windows XP Tips!

  1. Enable file and print sharing on the IPX/SPX protocol 

  2. Arrange Multiple Monitors in Windows XP

  3. Change Primary Monitor 

  4. View Same Desktop in Multiple Monitors

  5. Move Items Between Monitors 

  6. View Thumbnails In A Folder Window

  7. Formatting The Hard Drive In XP

  8. Assign a Keyboard Shortcut In XP

  9. Stop Windows Messenger From Starting When Starting The Computer

  10. Using the Windows Key With XP

  11. Speed up the Start Menu In XP

  12. Grab Your System Information In XP

  13. Display Your Own Message At Startup In XP

  14. Disabling Hibernation In XP

  15. Common Command Console Utilities For Windows XP

  1. Optimize System Performance In Windows XP

  2. Bootcfg is a new addition to the Windows XP recovery console

  3. Using Windows XP MSCONFIG

  4. Microsoft included defrag.exe in Windows XP for command-level disk defragmentation.

  5. Windows XP and Windows 2000 both include the Encrypting File System

  6. Power Toys for XP

  7. Using ScanDisk in XP

  8. Want To Enable Boot Defragment in XP?

  9. Icon Spacing on Desktop in XP

  10. System Restore Feature on an Un-activated System

  11. Microsoft has replaced tlist.exe with tasklist.exe in XP.

  12. To Change The Title Of The Secure Attention Sequence

  13. Upgrading From Windows 98, Windows 98SE, and Windows ME

  14. Program Compatibility Issues With XP

  15. Microsoft's Recommended Minimum System Requirements For XP

  1. Handy Tool For Running Diagnostic Tests On Your DirectX program

  2. Remove The Shared Documents Folders from My Computer

  3. There Are Two Ways To Backup The Registry

  4. Go Back To Your Classic Start Menu

  5. Clear Your Page File on Shutdown

  6. Using The Local Group Policy Editor

  7. Disable Error Reporting to Microsoft  

  8. Remove Orphaned Entries in Add or Remove Programs

  9. Change the Amount of Time Before Programs Time Out 

  10. Disable XP's Highlighting of Newly Installed Programs 

  11. Balance System Performance and Visual Effects 

  12. Switch the Task Manager to Stripped-Down Mode

  13. Customize the CPU Cycles Given to Programs and Processes

  14. Customize Your Paging File Size

  15. Defragment Boot Files 

  1. Backup onto CDs

  2. Create Separate Disk Cleanup Profiles

  3. Disable the Disk Cleanup Warning

  4. Change the Internet Explorer Logo

  5. Export, Import or Back Up Your Cookies 

  6. Customize Internet Explorer Printing

  7. Turn Off Multimedia and Graphics on Web Pages

  8. Change the Text of Internet Explorer's Title Bar 

  9. Turn Off Script Reporting Errors

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As of 10/01/2011 There are 526 XP Tips in my support Databases!


Common Windows ME Tips

  1. Enable IPX/SPX file and print sharing on Windows 95, Windows 98, and ME.

  2. Display full path in title bar

  3. Folder Options Command

  4. Add A Floppy Shortcut to Desktop

  5. Create a Scrolling list of programs

  6. Here is How to Add your Favorites to your Taskbar

  7. You can change your file association

  8. Do you want to add pop-out lists to Start Menu

  9. Choose the search engine that you want to use.

  10. Running Win 95/98 programs on Windows ME

  11. If Windows ME won't detect your Modem

  12. So You Want To Optimize Your Hard Drive

  13. Keep your system clean

  14. Want to Alphabetize your Start Menu?

  15. Speed up your reboots in Windows ME

  1. So You Want To Rename Your Recycle Bin

  2. Are You Using Dr. Watson

  3. New System File Protection In ME

  4. Try The Compressed Folders Feature

  5. Open With Command

  6. How to create a startup disk in ME

  7. Creating a new file type

  8. Shutting Down Personalized Menu's

  9. short and incomplete listing of file extensions



Common Windows 2000 Tips!

  1. Changing your password in Windows 2000

  2. Create Strong Passwords in Windows 2000

  3. Change Your Computer Name in Windows 2000

  4. Uninstall a device in Windows 2000

  5. Specify your default printer in Windows 2000

  6. Diagnose Hardware Problems in Windows 2000

  7. Detecting and Repairing Disk Errors in Windows 2000

  8. Send a Quick Email in Windows 2000

  9. Check your connection status in Windows 2000

  10. Setting DMA and Display Settings in Windows 2000

  11. Make a File or Folder Available Offline in Windows 2000

  12. Using Folder Shortcuts in Windows 2000

  13. Create an Emergency Repair Disk in Windows 2000

  14. Create a Startup Disk in Windows 2000

  15. Windows 2000's Indexing Service

  1. Get Immediate Queries With Indexing Service in Windows 2000

  2. Using Personalized Menus in Windows 2000

  3. Remove and Personalize Desktop Icons in Windows  2000

  4. Print Appointments and Meetings from Calendar in Windows 2000

  5. Add web content to your desktop in Windows 2000

  6. Create a locking desktop shortcut in Windows 2000

  7. Changing Drive Letters in Windows 2000

  8. Prevent Programs From Loading in Windows 2000

  9. Modem Detection At Start Up in Windows 2000

  10. Autohide the Windows 2000 Task Bar

  11. Capture Screen Output to a Text File

  12. Change Event Log Size

  13. Change Your Windows 2000 Desktop Wallpaper

  14. Change Your Windows 2000 Screen Resolution

  15. Clean Up Your Windows 2000 Disk Drive

  1. Create a New Briefcase

  2. Create a Program Shortcut

  3. De-fragment Your Hard Drive

  4. Encrypt a File in Windows 2000

  5. Install the Windows 2000 Administration Tools

  6. Create a New MMC Tool

  7. Make the Autohide Feature of the Task Bar Appear More Smooth

  8. Map a Network Drive

  9. Place a Shortcut to My Documents on the Desktop

  10. Run a Program as Another User

  11. Show Your  Favorites in the Windows 2000 Start Menu

  12. Stop and/or Start a Windows 2000 Service

  13. Update Your Windows 2000 Installation Files With a Service Pack

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Common Windows NT 4.0 Tips!

  1. Here Is How To Find Your CD Key

  2. Re-Install NT without the Three Setup Disks

  3. Want To List Your IP Addresses?

  4. Create a repair disk if you skipped that step during the install.

  5. Need Help To Find A Downloaded File

  6. The Fonts That Are Installed In Windows NT

  7. Using The NT Performance Monitor

  8. To create a backup copy of NT Server's Registry

  9. Here Is One Configuration for DHCP Clients

  10. Here Is How To Use Windows NT Diagnostics

  11. Want To Share Documents In Windows NT

  12. Memory Management

  13. Turn off animation and speed up your system.

  14. Using The Last Known Good Registry

  15. Using the Windows Key In NT.

  1. Limit User Access In NT.

  2. Using The Connect-as Option In NT

  3. Using The Performance Monitor Log

  4. Rebuild Corrupt Icons In Windows NT

  5. Filtering Events Using The Event Viewer In NT.

  6. Using Either 40 Bit Or 128 Bit Security In NT.

  7. Update a File on All Workstations with a Batch File

  8. ScanDisk and Defrag in Windows NT

  9. Disable Logon Caching in Windows NT.

  10. Convert Or Completely Reinstall NT 4.0

  11. Taking Ownership Of a NTFS File System. 

  12. Windows NT 4.0 and System Partition Limits

  13. Windows NT Setup Limitation 

  14. Find Out Who Logged On Last 

  15. LM Authentication In Windows NT

  16. Replicate Files With RoboCopy

  17. The Supported Method For Service Pack Installation

  18. A Utility For Dumping ACLs

  19. Creating A Password Policy 

  20. Folder And File Permissions 

  21. Manage Permissions From The Command Line 

  22. Understanding The Computer Browser Service

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Common Windows 98 Tips!

  1. Enable IPX/SPX file and print sharing on Windows 95, Windows 98, and ME.

  2. No More Double Clicks 

  3. Get Express E-mail from your Windows 98 desktop with E-mail shortcuts

  4. Add shortcuts to your SendTo folder for quick e-mail attachments.

  5. Get rid of the Office Shortcut Bar and use new Windows 98 Quick Launch

  6. Using the Improved Disk Defragmenter in Windows 98

  7. Learn how to turn on file extensions

  8. Showing hidden files comes in handy

  9. Browse everywhere from any Explorer window

  10. Install Windows 98 on a newly-formatted hard disk, without reinstalling Windows 95 first

  11. Surf your computer the same way you surf the Web

  12. Get instantaneous desktop access

  13. Undo file operations.

  14. Clean off your desktop and remove all desktop icons

  15. To customize the personality of your desktop

  16. Add your most frequently used programs to the taskbar.

  1. Search the Web directly from your Windows 98 taskbar

  2. Create your own toolbar on the taskbar. 

  3. You can take any toolbar on your taskbar and turn it into a floating toolbar

  4. Simply drag and drop to reorganize your Start menu.

  5. Discover new hard-disk space with Disk Cleanup.

  6. Discover how tracking down system problems can be easy with Dr. Watson

  7. To find people on the Internet in Windows 98

  8. How do I clear the contents of your Documents menu

  9. How to create a startup disk in Windows 98

  10. Backing up files in Windows 98

  11. Locating files using the advanced method

  12. Stop items from running at boot-up in Windows 98

  13. Backing up your Registry

  14. Performing a successful ScanDisk

  15. Performing a successful disk defragmentation

  16. Booting options for Windows 98

  1. Performing a clean boot in Windows 98

  2. Using ScanReg

  3. Windows 98 Disk Cleanup

  4. Stabilize Windows

  5. Installing Microsoft Fax

  6. Will Windows 98 run on your computer?

  7. Restart Windows 98 without rebooting

As of 10/01/2011 There are 526 XP Tips in my support Databases!

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And Yes I still Keep Some Of Those Common Windows 95 Tips!

  1. Enable IPX/SPX file and print sharing on Windows 95, Windows 98, and ME.

  2. Here's A Way To Quickly Shut Down Windows 95

  3. Start Menu Folder for Frequently Accessed Network Drives 

  4. Ever want to extend to your users the convenience and time saving advantage of finding/opening files in Windows Explorer by opening directly to the network drive they use most...or even to the specific directory they want?

  5. Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop

  6. Right Drag and Drop

  7. Drag to the Taskbar 

  8. Creating a New File

  9. Create a New Folder While Saving a File

  10. Deleting Files Without Moving them to Recycle Bin

  11. Copying and Moving Files

  12. Selecting Multiple Files 

  13. Keyboard Shortcuts

  14. Windows Explorer Switches

  15. Hardware Profiles are used to set up multiple hardware configurations

  1. General Folder / Windows Explorer shortcuts for a selected object

  2. General Control over Folders/Windows Explorer

  3. Shortcuts With In Windows Explorer

  4. Shortcuts Within Properties

  5. In Open/Save Common Dialog Boxes

  6. General Keyboard-Only Commands

  7. Accessibility Shortcuts

  8. Automatic Synchronizing of Files on Laptop

  9. Creating a Second Undocked Configuration 

  10. Network Hints 

  11. Searching for a File on a Remote Server

  12. Easy Access to Network Information

  13. Easy Connection to a Network Server/Share

  14. Run Dialog Box Via the Keyboard Press 

  15. Opening a Folder Anywhere From the Run Dialog Box

  1. Start menu Keyboard Shortcuts 

  2. Improved Keyboard Access by Using Accelerator Keys

  3. Taskbar

  4. Languages and Keyboard Layouts 

  5. System Tools 

  6. Window Management 

  7. Configuration Summary

  8. Quick View

  9. Disk Tools

  10. Making an Emergency Startup Disk

  11. Display Properties

  12. Changing Folder Icons 

  13. Tips for Using the Taskbar Clock

  14. Easy Access to Computer Properties

  15. Easy Way to Access Control Panel 

  16. Sending Objects by Using Send To

  1. Changing File Associations

  2. Explorer view in "Programs"

  3. Checking your system resources

  4. Finding hidden files

  5. Creating an Emergency Startup Disk

  6. Emergency Recovery Utility

  7. Booting options for Windows 95

  8. Arranging Folders

  9. Stop Items from running in Windows 95

  10. Empty the Documents in the Start Menu

  11. Windows 95 Keyboard Shortcuts

  12. How to Re-Install Windows 9x

The Windows XP Newsletter Comes Out on Wednesdays!  (Click Here To Get Yours)

As of 10/01/2011 There are 526 XP Tips in my support Databases!

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Common Access 2000 Tips!

  1. To use Access 2000 effectively, you should be familiar with the structure of a database.

  2. Want To Publish Access data to the Web?

  3. There Are Three ways to create Data Access Pages. 

  4. Creating a page with the wizard.

  5. Saving a page for the first time. 

  6. To Open pages from Access or Internet Explorer 5.0.

  7. Move between records with the navigator bar. 

  8. You Can Filter data with the navigator bar. 

  9. Learning what an Access Project is. 

  10. Knowing what benefits an Access Project offers. 

  11. Documenting Your Forms In Access 97/2000

  12. Importing Dirty Data Into Access 

  13. Print A Single Record In Access 97/ 2000

  14. Base a new Access report on an existing form 97/ 2000

  15. Hiding columns in Access's Datasheet view (97/2000)

  16. Using ADO wildcards in the Access query design grid (2000)

  17. Make A Copy Before Your Update! 

  18. Documenting Your Project In Access 2000

  19. Get A Grand Total For Access Reports

  20. Launch A Basic Splash Screen For You Database. 

  1. Make Access More Accessible For Your User's

  2. Correctly declaring multiple variables (Access 97-2000)

  3. Mimicking Paper Systems In Access.

  4. Quickly change an Access control's type (97/2000/2002)

  5. Speed up object design by grouping controls (Access 2000/2002)

  6. Disable AutoCorrect for a single control (Access 97/2000/2002)

  7. Converting text to proper case (Access 97/2000/2002)

  8. Conditionally include static text when concatenating data (97/2000/2002)

  9. Execute code statements based on Access version (97/2000/2002)

  10. Prevent users from changing properties in Form view (Access 2000/2002)

  11. Attaching labels to a control (Access 97/2000/2002)

  12. Use the control type you want right from the start (Access 97/2000/2002)

  13. Automatically reconfigure a form's tab order (Access 97/2000/2002)

  14. Save filters as queries so they can be reused (97/2000/2002)

  15. Cycle through the Database window object sheets (97/2000/2002)

  16. Speed up form and report setup with custom AutoFormats (97/2000/2002)

  17. Printing a report for today's records only

  18. Access Database Tags 

  19. Track Help Desk Issues Using Access

  20. Formatting Years In Access

  21. Using ADO to exchange data as XML

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Common Excel 2000 Tips!

  1. Change Excel's default number of worksheets

  2. A quick way to round numbers

  3. Create a chart in Excel 2000

  4. Fast file switching in Excel 2000

  5. Use comments and reminders in Excel 2000

  6. Make Your Printouts Fit the Page Width

  7. Useful Shortcut Keys in Excel 2000 

  8. Forget a Function's Arguments while entering it?

  9. Finding Worksheet Functions in Excel 2000

  10. Calculate the Amount of Time Between Two Dates

  11. Enter URLs As Text In Excel 2000

  12. Enter More Than One Line in a Cell in Excel 2000

  13. How to Change The Default Colors in Excel 2000

  14. Make a Copy That Excludes Hidden Cells in Excel 2000

  15. Reformat your dates in Excel 2000

  16. Automatic Charting In Excel 2000

  17. Searching made easy in Excel 2000

  18. Excel 2000 supports fraction formats

  19. Debugging formulas can be frustrating in Excel 2000

  20. Keeping All Formats in Excel 2000 when using the clipboard.

  1. Fit Data Onto Your Pages In Excel 2000

  2. Automatic Formatting of Dates and Time in Excel 2000

  3. Sort a Filtered List in Excel 2000

  4. Mixing Chart Types in Excel 2000

  5. View Which Of Your Cells Affect Which In Excel 2000

  6. Protect cells from inadvertently being deleted

  7. Find Out Which Cells Contain Formulas in Excel 2000

  8. Replace Missing Fonts in Excel 2000

  9. Interpret Style Symbols in  Excel 2000

  10. Modify a Selected Range in Excel 2000

  11. Use Cell References and Label Text in Formulas

  12. Select Cells While Viewing Information in a Dialog Box

  13. Add Web-based Data to Your Spreadsheets

  14. Move Entire Columns in Excel 2000

  15. Create Charts with the Chart Wizard

  16. Sort Upper- and Lower-Case Letters in Excel 2000

  17. Import Access Data Into Excel 2000

  18. Creating and Editing Formulas in Excel 2000

  19. Viewing Formulas Safely in Excel 2000

  20. Moving to the Last Cell in Excel 2000

  1. Custom Buttons in Excel 2000

  2. Printing a File Name in Headers or Footers

  3. The big difference between a hyphen and an em dash

  4. Editing Arrays In Excel 2000

  5. Nesting Functions in Excel 2000

  6. Find Missing Arguments In Excel 2000

  7. One way to speed up large data entry tasks is to create a data form

  8. Converting Labels To Numbers in Excel 2000

  9. Create A Unique List With An Advanced Filter

  10. Datediff Behavior Warning in Excel 2000

  11. When To Use Data Markers in Excel 2000

  12. Embed Chart Titles In Excel 2000

  13. Combining Text and Dates in Excel 2000

  14. Insert A New Sheet Into A Workbook

  15. Count The Days Between Dates in Excel 2000

  16. Cell Naming Rules in Excel 2000

  17. Named Cells In A Formula in Excel 2000

  18. Avoid Errors When Deleting Ranges in Excel 2000

  19. Changing The Default Formats in Excel 2000

  20. Linking a Text Box To a Cell

  1. Using Wingdings In Comments

  2. Working With Currency in Excel 2000

  3. Should You Round or Truncate in Excel 2000

  4. Eliminate Row and Column Headers

  5. Format a Row Based On One Cell's Value In Excel 2000

  6. Creating Conditional Acceptance in Excel 2000

  7. Calculate the Week Number From a Date

  8. Use Two Formats in One Cell in Excel 2000

  9. Get Detailed Error Messages in Excel 2000

  10. VBA Date and Time Functions in Excel 2000

  11. Create an AutoFill List in Excel 2000

  12. Update Form Controls in Excel 2000

  13. Clip Art for the taking

  14. Do you just want to copy the validation rules and not the data

  15. The Zoom control feature reduces and increases the size of your worksheet

  16. Convert Drag-and-Drop Data in Excel 2000

  17. Adjusting the Printing Solution in Excel 2000

  18. Define Your Print Areas in Excel 2000

  19. Preview The Print Area in Excel 2000

  20. Using The Fixed Decimal Feature in Excel 2000

  21. Enter Complex Fractions in Excel 2000

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FrontPage 2000 Tips!

  1. If you change your page frequently and you need to ensure that your visitors are seeing the most current change

  2. Change the style of the bullets from round, square or hollow

  3. Adding large photos to your page can cost your guests long load times

  4. A picture may be worth a thousand words

  5. FrontPage server extensions carry a lot of baggage

  6. Create an automatically generated table of contents

  7. Set Microsoft FrontPage to automatically open the last web you worked on 

  8. Give your hyperlinks some flare

  9. Installing the FrontPage Server Extensions varies somewhat, depending on the Web server

  10. Installing a Hit Counter With FrontPage 2000

  11. The following features require the FrontPage Server Extensions

  12. Creating an Auto Expanding Menu in FrontPage 2000

  13. Setting a background color in FrontPage

  14. Convert all of your photo's to black and white

  15. Find and replace text in FrontPage 2000

  16. Misspelled a word in the entire web in FrontPage 2000?

  17. Adding font effects to a hyperlink in FrontPage 2000

  18. You can select three different colors for Hyperlinks

  19. Insert a hyperlink to a Bookmark

  20. Orientation of a Navigation Bar in FrontPage 2000

  21. Exclude a page from Navigation Bars

  22. Add a navigation bar in FrontPage 2000

  23. Set the initial frames page in FrontPage 2000

  24. Create a Frames Page in FrontPage 2000

  25. Here are the Features that require FrontPage 98 server extensions

  26. Capturing color values in FrontPage 2000

  27. Add sound with on/off control in FrontPage 98

  28. Save time by using these keyboard shortcuts for FrontPage 2000

  29. Strip Out Text Formatting in FrontPage 2000

  30. Edit the HTML in FrontPage 2000 Shared Borders

  31. Build Your Own Hover Buttons in FrontPage 2000

  32. Insert Line Breaks in FrontPage 2000

  33. Create an Outlook Message Signature Using FrontPage 2000

  34. Switch Quickly Between Views in FrontPage 2000

  35. Keyboard Shortcuts in FrontPage 2000

  36. Absolute-Style Positioning for Page Elements

  37. Designing Your Web Based on Browser Compatibility

  38. Applying Dynamic HTML Effects to Text in Shared Borders

  39. Estimate Download Speeds in FrontPage 2000

  40. Set the tab order in a form within FrontPage 2000

  41. Creating a Hyperlink to a Bookmark on the Same Page

  42. Inserting a Blank Line Above or Below a Table

  43. Generate Reports to Analyze and Summarize your Web

  44. Have Web pages Open Automatically in the Office Applications that Created Them

  45. FrontPage 2000 won't start or locks up my computer

  46. FrontPage 2000 is running really slow; how do I speed it up?

  47. Previewing in a Browser locks up my computer

  48. Why is the Security Option on the Tools menu unavailable?

  49. PowerPoint Presentations- publish a presentation or HTML file to the Web

  50. Create a Password-Protected Site in FrontPage 2000

  51. Change the Title of a Page in FrontPage 2000

  52. Work in Two Windows Simultaneously in FrontPage 2000

  53. Find and Replace HTML in FrontPage 2000

  54. Customize Your Menus and Toolbars in FrontPage 2000

  55. Get Organized With File Properties in FrontPage 2000

  56. Hyperlink From Web to Web FrontPage 2000

  57. Make a Macro Button in FrontPage 2000

  58. FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

  59. Publish your web using FTP

  60. Importing Formatted Documents in FrontPage 2000

  61. Custom Counters in FrontPage 2000

  62. Instant Quiz Well, not quite instant in FrontPage 2000

  63. Importing From Excel to FrontPage 2000

  64. Alternative Download Times in FrontPage 2000

  65. External Style Sheets in FrontPage 2000

  66. HTML Validations in FrontPage 2000

  67. Print A Task List in FrontPage 2000

  68. Updateable Navigational Pages in FrontPage 2000

  69. Navigation View Tools in FrontPage 2000

  70. Shared Borders in FrontPage 2000

  71. Choose Target Browsers in FrontPage 2000

  72. FrontPage 2000 Extensions

  73. Disable FrontPage 2000 Extensions

  74. FTP To Hosts Without FrontPage Extensions

  75. Word wrap in FrontPage 2000

  76. Quick Link in FrontPage 2000

  77. Quick DHTML in FrontPage 2000

  78. Global Change in FrontPage 2000

  79. Underlining On Hyperlinks in FrontPage 2000

  80. Cut Image File Sizes in FrontPage 2000

Outlook 2000 Tips!

  1. Outlook provides 20 default categories for you, but you may want to create your own.

  2. Outlook has the option to set up the calendar to automatically include the holidays.

  3. You can have Outlook start automatically when you start your computer.

  4. Email selected contacts

  5. Outlook makes it possible to color code email messages from certain sources.

  6. To add components to Outlook, follow these steps

  7. Outlook makes it possible to include images in your emails as long as you are sending in HTML format.

  8. Rearrange your Outlook groups

  9. Use Outlook as a browser

  10. Export Outlook Data

  11. Find a Contact

  12. Create a Distribution List

  13. Customize your Start-up

  14. Send a web page in Outlook

  15. Create a new rule

  1. Contact list filing

  2. Include text message on forwards in Outlook

PowerPoint 2000 Tips!

  1. Adjusting Line Spacing In Power Point 2000

  2. Setting the Default Text Style in PowerPoint 2000

  3. Selecting Small Objects in PowerPoint 2000

  4. Building Presentations for Distribution to Others

  5. Creating Pages with Slides and Descriptive Text

  6. Using Different Backgrounds within one Presentation

  7. Making Presentation Files Smaller in PowerPoint 2000

  8. Editing Drawings in PowerPoint 2000

  9. Change the default colors in PowerPoint 2000

  10. Choosing the most readable font in PowerPoint 2000

  11. Using Hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2000

  12. Rehearsing with Narration in PowerPoint 2000

  13. Creating a Grid for Perfect Layout in PowerPoint 2000

  14. Importing Art into the Clip Gallery in PowerPoint 2000

  15. Graphics-Editing Capabilities in PowerPoint 2000

  16. Animate Individual Objects in PowerPoint 2000

Word 2000 Tips!
  1. Here Is How To Stop Word From Helping You Type
  2. Here Is How To Tell The Office Assistant To Go Away
  3. Turn Off The Automatic URLs
  4. In Word 2000 New Documents Open In A Separate Window
  5. Learn What the names of the buttons on the toolbars Are
  6. Learn what the buttons on the toolbars do
  7. turn the Ruler off (or turn it back on)
  8. Want to display more toolbars?
  9. Here is how to move the toolbars
  10. You want to add or remove buttons from the toolbars?
  11. Yes You Can I make my own toolbars
  12. Do You Want To add or remove items from the menus
  13. You can control the startup behavior in Word
  14. Changing the default margins in Word 2000
  15. Changing the default document font in Word 2000
  16. changing the default font for things like page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes
  17. Changing the default folder for Open and Save
  18. Finding Word's keyboard shortcuts
  19. Copy more than one block of text to the clipboard, then paste everything into A document
  20. What are styles and How do I use them
  21. AutoText is a way to store and quickly insert text, graphics, fields, tables, bookmarks
  22. Tracking changes made to a document
  23. Keeping different versions of a document in the same file
  24. Word can compare two similar documents
  25. Search and Replace things other than words
  26. Can I diagnose formatting problems
  27. Clearing the formatting in a paragraph or block of text
  28. Inserting a footnote or an endnote
  29. Deleting a footnote or an endnote
  30. Moving or copying a footnote or an endnote
  31. Using headers and footers in Word 2000
  32. Double-spacing document's in Word 2000
  33. Changing the margins in Word 2000
  34. Changing the format of the number symbols in a numbered list without changing the rest of the text
  35. Making a numbered list that looks like an outline
  36. Putting a horizontal line in my document that will move when I add new text
  37. Numbering pages in Word 2000
  38. Deleting page numbers in Word 2000
  39. Removing the page number from just the first page
  40. Inserting or deleting a page break in Word 2000
  41. Keeping a paragraph from separating at the page break in Word 2000
  42. How do I indent a paragraph in Word 2000
  43. Setting the tabs in Word 2000
  44. Controlling where a column ends in Word 2000
  45. Why are my columns not lined up when I print
  46. Can I have different page formatting within one document
  47. Creating a table in Word 2000
  48. Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2000
  49. Creating an Index in Word 2000
  50. Switching between languages in Word 2000
  51. Telling the Speller to skip the parts of my document that are not in English
  52. Speller won't check my spelling in Word 2000
  53. How do I find and type the accented characters in Word 2000
  54. A faster way than the Thesaurus to find synonyms in Word 2000
  55. Inserting a picture into my Word 2000 document
  56. Inserting a watermark in a Word 2000 Document
  57. Inserting An Excel chart into my Word 2000 document
  58. Using Templates, Creating Templates, and Editing a Template
  59. Using Word 2000 to make a "real" outline
  60. Performing  a Mail Merge in Word 2000
  61. Combining several Word documents into a single document

  62. Using Word 2000 to Create a web page

  63. Sharing a document with someone who doesn't have Word 2000

  64. Opening WordPerfect files with Word 2000


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