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Q. Is there any measures I can take to protect myself from viruses using Outlook Express?

A. Update Outlook Express(OE) to the latest version from Use anti-virus software such as Norton Anti-virus to scan email. Disable the Preview Pane when downloading messages from your ISP.

1. A quick way to do this is to add a button to the toolbar. Right-Click on the toolbar (where the buttons Reply, "Create Mail" and other buttons are) and click "Customize".

2. On the left, find and click "Preview", click "Add ->" and click Close.

3. You will have a button now that toggles the preview pane.

Setup a new message rule that redirects all mails with attachments to a special folder. Infected messages usually come with attachments

1. Right-click "Inbox", click "New Folder" and specify a name, we'll use "WARNING" here.

2. Next we have to tell OE to redirect the messages. Click "Tools" in the menu bar, "Message Rules" and "Mail".

3. Click "New...", specify the condition as "Where the message has an attachment" and the action to "Move it to the specified folder".

4. Specify the folder as "WARNING" and click "OK" all the way out.

Making sure a message is not infected.

1. Before you click on the "WARNING" folder, make sure the Preview Pane is disabled.

2. View the message subject, do not OPEN (double-click ) the message.

3. View the message source, by RIGHT-clicking the message, clicking "Properties", "Details Tab" and "Message Source". Here you can read the message in the original form.

4. Attachments will have a special heading, here is an example:

Content-Type: image/jpeg;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

Content-Disposition: attachment;

filename="FILENAME" ..followed by some garbage

5. The message will be ABOVE the attachments. Read it to check whether it is a message that the person intended to send to you. If the message is in HTML, it will be harder to decipher for those HTML inclined users. In this case, you just have to try to read the content.



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