I rebuild Used Laptops for people who cannot afford A Computer!!

I rebuild used Laptops for people who cannot afford new ones. Yes, $500.00 for a new Desktop PC at Wal-Mart is still beyond some people's reach.  I do this for free.

People donate their old Laptops to me and I use either the parts or the whole computer. I have a special computer set aside with removable trays so I can put in the old hard drive and do a clean DOD, preventing old information from being used by someone else. I would think people with old Laptops who are techies would consider doing this also for people who need them.

I often give away the repaired Laptops, or charge only what money I need to repair them. This month I repaired and replaced 2 Laptops . Many are for elderly people on social security who would like to own one but simply can't afford it and many are for (Parents and Grand Parents with Sons/Daughters or Grand Sons/Grand Daughters in Iraq.)  Many of our deployed military  personnel have email capability because I have helped several of them repair problems with Laptops and Sand.  Those two items don't play nice together!!

I have several Rest Homes in the local area that I would like to supply small four PC networks to and hope to finish these by the first of the year.  For this to happen I need your help.  Buying a new PC?  Send your old one to me.  It is a very easy thing to do and you will never realize how happy this can make the folks that I help.

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Access my new PDF and Zip archives of Windows XP Home And Pro Tips.  I Have Also Added Some Office XP Tips In the Past Week and Will Be adding More! This Is Rapidly Becoming The Most Popular Part Of The Site!  I also have some new Internet Explorer Tips Uploaded!


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