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Welcome To The Ultra VNC Setup For Home Users!


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IF01055    You Can Download Ultra VNC Here!

Installing Ultra VNC is really pretty Simple!  Just follow along and you should not have any problems at all!

Double Click on the Ultra VNC file you downloaded and this is the first window you will see.  Just Select Your Language and Click on OK!

You will then see the Ultra VNC Setup Wizard window opens that look like the following.  Just Click Next and move on!

I don't have to explain this window!  You probably have seen one like it a hundred times before!  Just click on I accept Agreement and Click On the Next Button!

Another Setup Information Window about the Zip file!  Just read and Click On the Next Button!

The next window show you the default install location for the program and gives you the chance to change the location by clicking on the browse button.  If the default location is OK just click on the Next Button!

Normally I recommend using the full install as shown below!  Make sure you have check marks in all three boxes!  Click on the next button to move on!

This again is another Default setting for the program.  This time being the Start menu program folder!  If you wish to change it just click on the Browse button!  Click Next when you are ready!

This window is for Additional Tasks and the only ones I recommend are the ones I have checked below!  Click on the Next button when you are ready!

This window just shows you the file setup will use to configure Admin Properties.  I suggest leaving this as is!  When you are Ready Click on the Next button.

The following window has all of the selections you have made in the various windows above.  You can read through them and click on the Install button when you are ready!

This window has allot of information about upgrades and fixes in this version of Ultra VNC!  Read through them if you wish and Click on the Next Button!

That's about it for the installation!  Just Click on the Finish Button to exit the setup Wizard!

Click Here And I Will Show You How To Start Using Ultra VNC!

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Make a donation to keep My Site And Support Alive

Make a donation to keep My Site And Support Alive




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Make a donation to keep My Site And Support Alive

Make a donation to keep My Site And Support Alive

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