Use a Ligature to Create a Company Logo in PhotoDraw 2000

"Ligature" is a typographical term for two letters that are connected together. Commonly used ligatures include fi and fl. When you use Microsoft PhotoDraw™ to connect any two letters, you can also design a simple company logo or a personal signature for your letterhead and memos.

Let's take the name of a fictitious outdoor-equipment company, Adventure Works, and use PhotoDraw to create a ligature from the company's initials.

Letters AW, before creating ligature


Create the letters


  1. Open a new picture in PhotoDraw.
  2. On the Text menu, click Insert Text.
  3. Type the letter A.
  4. In the Font box, select Baskerville Old Face (as shown in the illustration above) or a similar serif font such as Times or Bookman. The serifs (the crosswise lines at the ends each letter stroke) can be used to connect the two letters.
  5. On the Text menu, click Insert Text.
  6. Type the letter W.

You now have two letters that you can treat as separate objects.

Letters with italic formatting


Italicize the letters


  1. Select the letter A.
  2. In the Text workpane, click Italic in the Style list.
  3. Select the letter W and make it italic.


Fill the letters with a picture

Now give the letters a distinctive look by filling them with a picture. For this project, we use a picture of a mountain to convey the adventure theme.


  1. Select the letter A.
  2. At the top of the Text workpane, click Fill.
  3. At the top of the Fill workpane, click Picture.
  4. Choose one of the picture fills from the gallery, or click Browse and locate a picture on your hard disk to fill the letter.
  5. Click Picture Position on the workpane, and then use the mouse or arrow keys to move the picture to the desired location inside the letter.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for the letter W.

Letters with picture fill and ligature placement


Move the letters together to form a ligature


  1. Select the letter A.
  2. Use the RIGHT ARROW key to move the letter A to the right until it touches the letter W. If necessary, zoom in on the picture so you can clearly see the edges of the letters.

The finished logo


Add a soft drop shadow
You can finish with a professional touch by adding a drop shadow.


  1. On the Edit menu, click Select All to select both letters.
  2. Group the two letters by clicking Group on the Arrange menu.
  3. On the Effects menu, click Shadow.
  4. In the gallery, click Drop Right.
  5. Soften the shadow by moving the Soften slider to about 50.
  6. Change the shadow position by clicking Shadow Position, and then use the arrow keys to move the shadow to the desired location. Click Finish.
  7. Change the shadow color by clicking the Eyedropper and clicking a color in your picture.
  8. Save your PhotoDraw picture.

Now you're ready to use the logo you've created in your PowerPoint® presentation, FrontPage®-based web, Publisher brochure, or Word document.


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