Windows 95/98 Tips And Tricks

  1. Remove Add/Remove Program entries in Windows.
  2. Make a folder open up in a double pane view
  3. Want To Invoke the Resource Meter
  4. Hiding the Taskbar is an easy way to gain a little extra viewable screen
  5. The Windows Maintenance Wizard is a Windows 98 utility
  6. Add this initialization string to extend the hang-up time
  7. Remove entries in the Run dialog box
  8. To access your IP Address from DOS
  9. Get help from your hard drive in Windows 98
  10. Change Registered User Information For Windows 98
  11. Make your computer use Dial-up networking to connect you to the internet every time you boot
  12. Send your deletions to the recycling bin on the fly
  13. Checking The Device Manager For Conflicts
  14. Having Problems?  Try Closing items in the Systray First.
  15. Tell Windows to search in a certain folder by selecting it from the "Look In" field in the Find dialog box
  16. Keep the contents of the clipboard on your desktop for later reference by creating what is called a scrap
  17. Here Is How You Can Eliminate Microphone Feedback
  18. If you have no intention of using a Desktop Theme
  19. Do you want to add a background to a folder?
  20. Cleaning out the "Opens with" list
  21. What to do if you are unable to access your CD-ROM drive after installing Windows 98
  22. Enter the BIOS/CMOS by holding down one of the following keys at boot-up
  23. System freezes occur for thousands of reasons.
  24. Access your Control Panel and all of its contents from the Start Menu
  25. Find out what your IP (Internet Protocol) Address
  26. Create a shortcut to Windows help on your desktop. 
  27. Windows 98 has a program called Dr Watson Which is A Good System Diagnostics Tool
  28. You Can Change the name on your computer in Windows 98
  29. Windows 98 can bypass the floppy search saving boot time
  30. Deleting a screen saver password in Windows 98
  31. When a device is not working
  32. Windows 98 allows you to associate a file extension with multiple applications
  33. The Start Up folder is especially important to Windows because it contains all of the programs
  34. Windows 98 includes System File Checker
  35. Windows 98 makes changing icons easy
  36. Windows icons may become corrupt and a generic icon will take the place of the original
  37. Microsoft's Windows 98 Update Web page
  38. Speed Up Your Windows 98
  39. If your monitor seems slow to refresh with Windows 98
  40. Speed up program launches in Windows 98
  41. Character Map is a Windows accessory that shows you the complete character set of each font
  42. If you have a Windows key on your keyboard, you can activate some great shortcuts.
  43. If you would like to view folders side by side, there is an easy way to do this
  44. you may be prompted for a User ID and Password when you start Win98
  45. Making some room on the Hard Drive.
  46. You Can Restore The .GIF and .JPEG Preview if it is not displayed
  47. Drag and Drop Methods in Windows 98
  48. SysEdit: Optimize Your Virtual Cache in Windows 98
  49. Here is a way to improve on the speed of your boot cycle.
  50. By default, Windows won't search local drives using case sensitive searches.
  51. The most common method of renaming folders
  52. To put a cascading Printers Folder on your Start Menu
  53. Need to copy from a floppy to a different floppy
  54. CD-ROM Auto Play won't work in Windows 98
  55. Dealing With Windows 98SE Shutdown Problems
  56. Getting additional memory in Windows 98
  57. Launch web sites or browse your hard drive right from the Taskbar in Windows 98
  58. If you've downloaded several different CD players such as Windows Media Player or Real Player
  59. You can configure Windows 98 to Browse folders in the same Window
  60. In Windows 98 you can disable the modem sound
  61. Make a printer shortcut on your desktop
  62. Windows 95 installs the following TrueType fonts into the Windows\Fonts folder
  63. During a typical installation, Windows 98 installs the following TrueType fonts into the Windows\Fonts folder
  64. Disable CD-ROM AutoPlay
  65. Create a shortcut on your desktop that will shut Windows down fast
  66. Move thru folders and files quickly
  67. Optimize Your Windows 98 Registry
  68. You can configure your system to delete the temp files every time you reboot in Windows 98
  69. Quick defrag for multiple drives in Windows 98
  70. Here's how to remove the Documents folder from the Start menu in Windows 98
  71. Search for files by date in Windows 98
  72. Enable Quick View in Windows 98
  73. Remove Volume Control from Taskbar
  74. Sound Accessibility Options in Windows 98
  75. Put Device Manager on your Desktop in Windows 98
  76. Add programs to the Send To Menu in Windows 98
  77. Print your screen when using Windows Explorer
  78. Reposition your Taskbar in Windows 98
  79. Maximize the speed of your ports using the port settings
  80. Creating new file types in Windows 98
  81. A fast way to jump between applications using the keyboard
  82. Change the Windows sounds that your computer makes
  83. Does your computer to lock up when in suspend mode?
  84. To rebuild the icon cache in Windows 98
  85. Setup Your Windows 98 Briefcase.
  86. Need information about your Windows 98 registry
  87. The importance of shutting the computer down properly
  88. Changing file extensions could possibly render the file unreadable
  89. Having trouble keeping a desktop icon from re-appearing
  90. Capture Text While Using HyperTerminal
  91. Create an instant toolbar from a folder on your desktop in Windows 98
  92. Recycle your floppies in Windows 95
  93. Activate Notepad Word Wrap
  94. If you are curious about your connection speed in Windows 98 you can track it.
  95. To use a bitmap image as a 16-color icon in Windows 98
  96. Create a one click local web page type atmosphere of all of your folders and files in your favorites list
  97. Speed up your refresh rate in Windows 98
  98. IntelliMouse Wheel Scroll Settings in Windows 98
  99. Spice up your Active Windows Title Bar in Windows 98
  100. Mute Your Modem in Windows 98
  101. IP Configuration in Windows 98
  102. Not happy with the spacing between your icons on your desktop?
  103. Windows 98 will display colors in different color pallets
  104. Taskbar has suddenly disappeared in Windows 98
  105. Enable The Modem Sounds In Windows 98
  106. Extract a file from the Windows 95/98 CD
  107. Explore more from the desktop with Explorer Bar window panes 
  108. Giving your open windows more Zest with folder backgrounds. 
  109. Turn off selected desktop effects for a lean and clean desktop
  110. The fastest way to your Favorites.
  111. Improved Disk Defragmenter in Windows 98
  112. Get rid of the Office Shortcut Bar and use new Windows 98 Quick Launch.
  113. Get express e-mail from your Windows 98 desktop with e-mail shortcuts.
  114. Some free tools from the Windows 98 Resource Kit Sampler.
  115. Discover the difference between folder contents with WinDiff. 
  116. Speed-read text and HTML files with Text File Viewer.
  117. By default, Windows 98 hides file extension for all known file types
  118. Showing hidden files comes in handy, for example, when you've tried to delete everything from a floppy disk
  119. Browse everywhere from any Explorer window. 
  120. Install Windows 98 on a newly-formatted hard disk, without reinstalling Windows 95 first.
  121. Using single-click desktop icons in Windows 98
  122. Open a window in a default setup called Web View
  123. Make a Web page (or a single graphic on a Web page) your desktop wallpaper.
  124. Clean off all of the desktop icons from your desktop.
  125. Need to undo some file operations in Windows 98
  126. To customize the personality of your desktop with special icons, wallpaper.
  127. Add your most frequently used programs to the taskbar.
  128. You Can Search the Web directly from your Windows 98 taskbar. 
  129. You Can Create your own toolbar on the taskbar in Windows 98
  130. The Help system in Windows 98 has a new look.
  131. You Can Simply drag and drop to reorganize your Start menu.
  132. Create new hard-disk space with Disk Cleanup.
  133. To clear the contents of your Documents menu in Windows 98
  134. How to reveal more information about your CPU in Windows 98
  135. Track changes to your system files after installing software in Windows 98
  136. New Safe Mode boot command in Windows 98
  137. Check your Registry if you are having software problems in Windows 98
  138. You can compress your drive for more space in Windows 98
  139. Let the Windows 98 Add New Hardware Wizard resolve your device problems
  140. Installation and setup of the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system is easy, thanks to the following

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A lot of the tips require you to edit the registry.

Note:  When using Regedit to do anything in the registry always make a Verified Backup of the registry.

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